EcoLinking -- Book Access

Peter Fraterdeus (
Fri, 04 Sep 1992 19:20:07 -0700 (PDT)

EcoLinking -- Book Access
The book I referred to as "Econetting" is actually called "Ecolinking", and is
being offered (interestingly) for $14. from MacZone, a Macintosh software
The book, by Don Rittner is published by PeachPit Press.

MacZone catalog says this about it:
Join Forces and Save our Planet!

Join forces with others who are battling to save our environment!
EcoLinking is the first guide to the rapidly growing phenomenon of activists
and researchers using personal computers and modems to link up with each other.
The book covers four major resources: Global Networks, Electronic Bulletin
Boards, Commercial Online Services, and Libraries that never close.
With resources like these, you _can_ make a difference!

MacZone has a 24 hour 800 number for orders: 1 800 248 0800

I recommend this book as a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in how
to use "new age" technology to help heal and re-direct the energies on the


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