Sierra Club endorses Clinton/Gore

07 Sep 1992 12:05:28

The Sierra Club has come out *strongly* endorsing the
Clinton/Gore ticket:

Sierra Club] Sept/Oct 1992, p. 46:

''The Sierra Club does not make a habit of endorsing presidential
candidates; in our 100-year history, we have done it only once
before. The second such commitment is made here: The Sierra Club
enthusiastically supports the election of Governor Bill Clinton
and Senator Albert Gore as president and vice-president in 1992.
We take this step deliberately, in sober response to the urgent
necessity of putting a stop to the ongoing environmental disaster
that George Bush's administration not only represents but, in a
very real sense, has itself become. Bill Clinton offers the
prospect of vastly improved environmental stewardship by the
United States.''

If you feel inclined to endorse Bill Clinton and Al Gore,
perhaps do some volunteer work for them, send a regular mail
message to LISTSERV@MARIST.BITNET with the following in the
body of the mail:

SUB CLINTON First_name Last_name

There's also various lists for the various states. For example,
if you're in Ohio send mail to:


with the Subject line:


We *can* turn things around here.
Voice: Ken Fisler

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