Communes Questions

01 Oct 1992 20:55:07

I was involved in several communes during the sixties and
early seventies, then took a long interlude in the urban
Now I am seriously looking for a commune open to new members
which has productive organic farming, is mostly self sufficient
(in other words one can live on the land and feed oneself
adequately without requiring signif amounts of currency),
has a generally democratic process where each contributes
in some form of work, etc.
I would be interested in hearing from any who have had
recent experiences on The Farm, or other places (I am also
looking for one that has been going for at least a few
years and involves a minimum of 50 people or so).
You can E mail me at above address.
thanks mike romano

Capt. Kirk: let's head for that planet, third from the sun, it
            looks promising.... |-)

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