office update
01 Apr 1993 17:05:33

NATIONAL RAINBOW OFFICE (606) 561-5185 POB 187 Tateville, Ky. 42558 SASE Appreciated.

SPRING COUNCIL for National is Memorial Weekend, site to be decided. National site to be counseled about.

Liveline for submission of articles for summer edition of All Ways Free, April 15. PO Box 24715 Eugene, Or. 97402

Rainbow Guide PO Box 3213 Madison, Wi. 53704 SEND ENTRY SOON!

Europe Gathering, First Full Moon of August in Ireland PO Box 60 CH-8955 Switzerland. Include international reply coupon.

Northwest Gathering June 16-22 (208) 253-6059. NW Newsletter PO Box 545 Eugene, Or. 97440

Non Confirmed Gathering in Mississippi April 1-11. John (601) 428-4892.

Region 16 Gathering in Tennessee April 16-30 tentative. From Chattanooga go east on 64 pass Cleveland. At Amoco station
turn south, becomes gravel rd 302 Indian Creek.

Cumberland Gathering May 8-16. Site to be decided. PO Box 901 Lexington, Ky. 40587

Charleston, N.C. May 16, Homeless and Rainbow Benefit, Volunteers requested, Uncle Bill (803) 871-8332

The National Office is now on E-mail:, We plan to post updates to alt.gathering.rainbow avalible via
INTERNET, UUCP, USENET, WWIVNET, FIDONET, PEACENET, receivable in many areas via freenets, universities, and local public
access machines. For more info contact

Atlanta Light Line (404) 662-6112. Mid Atlantic Outreach (202) 797-3625. Other taped info: (503) 284-6600.

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