Raduno Dell' ARCOBALENO Italia 93

Marcus L. Endicott (mendicott@igc.apc.org)
Tue, 06 Apr 1993 12:21:08 -0700 (PDT)

>Raduno Dell' ARCOBALENO / Rainbow Gathering
>"Piana Del Romiti" / Acqua Cheta, Toscana, Italia / 93
>25 May -> 5 June, 1993
>brothers and sisters,
>the rainbow is calling us with its magic colours to participate
>to the gathering in Acqua Cheta.
>we only ask of you:
>:living together with the family, opening your hearts, setting
>and letting yours souls free, vibrating together with the temple
>of Mother Nature.
>:fill up with your gaiety and your music any space of time,
>making it eternal in your minds.
>:take care of yourself, the others and our Holy Earth.
>we wish to be with you to learn how to love you more and more.
>the italian rainbow family
>this place, ACQUA CHETA, is consecrated to peace and healing.
>the rainbow family has no leaders; all decisions are made by
>consensus of open council. we have no rules; consensus
>decisions stand only by the respect each of us has for one
>another and for the council circle. we exchange no money here,
>only love; money goes to the magic hat, for the needs of all.
>we encourage a peaceful vibe; we discourage weapons, violence,
>alcohol, drugs, electric equipments and any disrespectful
>behaviour towards our brothers and sisters. cut no living
>trees; deposit rubbish at collection sites; use no soaps or
>detergents; use only the w.c. [latrine] and leave your pets at
>home; bring your own bowl, cup and spoon; if you have health
>disorders visit the medicine tent; keep only community fires;
>participate in workshops and activities. leave no sign that we
>have gathered here: we are here to honor and heal our Mother and
>we act respectfully in our relations to the Earth. Thanks.
>By public transport from Florence:
>Train for Borgo S. Lorenzo
>Get out in Dicomano
>Bus from Dicomano to Passo del Muraglione at: 07:10 & 15:20
>1.5 km back to strada bianca/country road to Fiera del Poggi
>10 km to "Parking"
>1.5 hours up mountain path sentiero "ACQUA CHETA"
>Piazza Giotto 1, Vicchio, Firenze, Italia
>Tel. 055.8448352
>Rai & Anke
>Tel. 0575.788356
>Tel. 011.355721

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