Re: "Turtle Island" Disclaimer
02 Aug 1993 23:29:20

Hi Gonzo, I've been away from being on line for over a month. I'm currently inDWe're planning a March from Peace Park to a little park outside the National offices of the Forest Service on Wednesday August 4th the cut off day for Public
Comment on the proposed regulations. We're inviting Forest Service people to come out and meet us. We plan a little ceramony of drumming, silence, Omming, and
a blowing of Conch shells and then a presentation of petitions and what ever
letters we have. We've invited Bill Svenson over to receive the petitions and he has agreed to come. We're also going to invite other forest service workers to
come over and meet us. We'll serve dinner and they will be welcome to join us.
This will give them an opportunity to witness some of our spirit first hand.
Also we hope the media will come and cover the entire event. Working in
harmony with the Great and Holy Spirit, Dan D

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