Re: Request for newsletter
18 Aug 1993 21:41:53

Marc Cutler wrote:

As I am moving to New Mexico I would like to unsubscribe until I can
establish my new systems. Thanks!!

To keep me filled in please put my name on the mail list for the
Rainbow Newsletter. PEACE!!

I then replied:

Can anyone let me know what the "Rainbow Newsletter" is? Is this Pot-O'-Gold?
Is it All Ways Free? Is it the Rainbow Guide? Is it something else?

P.S.: I would like to get in touch with All Ways Free, can anyone tell me if
they are on the net, and if so, what address I should use?

Thank you mucho! Luke Jones, Washington DC

No one responded to me on this. Is my note reaching anyone at
All Ways Free, or is there anyone who can set me straight on the
Newsletter issue?


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