Europa Rainbow Short Report

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sat, 28 Aug 1993 15:38:13 -0700 (PDT)

Europa Rainbow Short Report!
Howdy, Friendly Folks!

I'm back from my adventure across the great water, and have just a short note
for now, maybe more later...

About 1500 people from all over Europe (and a handful of loudmouth Yankees)
gathered in a beautiful valley in mid-Ireland. There were at least two dozen
tipis and a beautiful medicine wheel/celtic cross focus for the main circle.

The local people were incredibly friendly and welcoming. Many of the
farmfellows who came up to check us out would come back the next day with the
whole family, wife, kids, grandma and the rest. They came with their sodabread,
their songs, their fiddles and their tin whistles and enriched the night with
the ancient Irish love of music. A true bard gave us poems and laments from the
soul of the land. The tinkers and gypsys with their horse drawn wagons were
there, along with the yogis back from India, the firebreath jugglers, the
harpers and the drummers.

I noticed that the drums (thankfully, from my perspective) were just another
music, not overpowering the quieter and more subtle forms. There were djeridoos
by the dozen, including djeridoo aura and healing massage!

The water and sanitation scene took some getting used to. Folks didn't seem
quite as conscious of the potential problems as I had imagined. However, there
were, in good time, banners at dinner circle saying "Don't be a twit, cover
your shit" (or something similar!) It seemed as if there were an awful lot of
"personal" campfires. Lots and lots of them. Perhaps this is because there was
only one kitchen (aside from popcorn and tea). I was a bit concerned about the

The kitchen was focalized by an American brother. I wondered about this, as it
seems that the Europa Rainbows should certainly be capable of doing their own
kitchen scene by now! However, the food was fine, and everybody seemed happy
with it!

On Thursday (was it July 27th?), the IrishTimes (a national newspaper out of
Dublin) had a full page story with great pictures and a completely positive
article, which encouraged Irish Folks from all over to come out on the weekend.
Also, 4 km. away, over the ridge there were 5000 Boy Scouts, who were regularly
taking a day trip over the mountain to Fairyland to see what what going on!

Some folks complained about the influx after the newspaper came out, but I
said, "Hey, we're here to bring the Rainbow to Ireland, not just to have all
the fun to ourselves!"

A group formed to make a Peace Pilgrimage to Sarajevo, leaving after the

The land that the gathering was held on was private and had to be rented. My
understanding is that the council decided to try to purchase the land for a
land trust to be held in the name of the Children of Ireland, as a place to
allow inner city kids to feel the peace and beauty of nature. (This what I
heard. Please correct me if you know otherwise...)

I was honored to be asked to lead two incredible sweatlodges, the prayers in
five or more languages.

The only downside was the famous Irish Rain and Cloud scene, although one
starts to appreciate the beauty of the rich and heavy skies. Nonetheless, some
of us were not prepared for it and had some pretty cold nights!

Next Year in Slovania (a former Yugoslav state, at the northeast corner of
Italia) !!!

Play for Peace!
Love You!


PS If anyone would like a copy of the Irish Times Article, send a SASE with and
a donation for postage and copying to:
Pot O' Gold Copy Kitchen
PO Box 5448
Evanston, IL 60204-5448

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