Info update on northeast gatherings
26 Aug 1993 10:42:38

Alright, I have some reasonably reliable info on gatherings on the northeast
US. First, one in Vermont that is currently happening:

Southwest Vermont

Aug 24 to Labor day

go 12 miles past Bennington on Rt. 9 going east(twards Bradelboro) , turn onto
Mill Brook Campground. Look for rocks, ribbons, trailhead.


Labor Day Weekend

I-81 to New Market, then US 211E to Sperryville, then Rt 231 S to 670 W to 649
(Rapidan - Criglersville rd) Drive past the "End State Maitenance" sign, cross
bridge into Rapidan Wildlife preserve.

A non-rainbow gathering (but related) is

Summer Harvest Jam Sat, Sept 4

Maple Valley Ski Area, Dummerston, VT

tickets: Maple Leaf Music Store, Brattleboro VT Contact: Roy (603) 256-6289

Rainbow Contacts: Mid Atlantic Rainbow Outreach, PO Box 13 Pasadena Maryland
21122-0001 phone: 410) 360-3365

Bill Baxter, Rt 3 Box 306A Hedgesville, WV 25427 phone: (304) 258-5362

Hotline: (202) 797-3625

I also have a less substantiated rumor of a Gathering in New Hampshire, startin
g 14th Sept, but no further info. If anyone has any further info, please post
in this board, for the good of all.

Does anyone have any concrete information about the fallout from the new forest
service regulations making gatherings involving more than 25? people illegal
in national forests? It was due to go into effect by now!

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