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01 Dec 1993 08:36:59

Hello there Rainbow folk. I have been hearing rather
interesting things from one such brother, about this
neck of the galaxy called...Rainbow. Some good...Some bad,
but for the most part just fine and dandy. I am pleased
to see that there exists in this land/world of ours
folks WHO actually give a rats damn about their fellow man.
It just warms my heart.

However today though, I am in need of a favor from you
folks out there in netland with interface connections to
the (real) [hmmmm?] world.

First I need to get a msg to a brother by the name of:

DAVID ENGLISH, just tell him to get in touch with his genetic brother.
its important.

Secondly, I am try to track down someone that I havent heard
from in a long while and need <NEED> to find.
She is most likely not on-line, and in the field of Marine Biology
somewhere in the world. Last Known residence: Woods Hole MA.
A little background: She went to Hartwick College, graduated in 90
with a degree in the aforementioned Marine Biology. Did some
time at the Marine Biological Laboraties in Woods Hole. From there
I lose track of her. Its been three yeasr since I last saw her, and
I am in need of tracking her down or at the very least getting a msg to her.

Her Name is: Penny Anderson

I post this here, because of the rainbow network of folks NOTED, and
very reliable way to get a msg to nearly anyone in the world in a
reletively short amount of time, WHEN an individual has gone to ground
and all other options of modern communication have been exhausted.

To both the aforementioned persons, please pass the following
name and address along:

Randy English
583 Beacon Street #4
Boston, MA 02215

Thank You very much.

ahead of time.


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