Rainbow Guide

Ben Masel (bmasel@igc.apc.org)
Wed, 10 Nov 1993 16:46:24 -0800 (PST)

high again. iUd like to apologize for not being explicit enough in
the previous Guide Update.-

the main points were supposed to be---to inform people that a
large national mailing is going out, after thanksgiving council
AND that info. & input are needed for this mailing

annually, we mail out letters to the previous yearUs guide
enteries letting them know that if they want to be in the coming
years guide They Need to Resubmit

also as a service to our subscribership, we add as much Infomation
as we can muster for the mailing

so--- itUs that time of year again & we do want, need and desire
all that info. steaming in the back of your medulla (a.k.a. your
brain) or anywhere else tidbits of knowledge maybe dwelling

we also plan on including a section on legal liasion and the
forest regs. in the mailing.

Many people out there would like to know what has been happening
in the last 5 months concerning this issue.

Also---this mailing would be the perfect means to help organize
further future actions for us to fight the implentation of these
proposed forest service regulations.

We as a family need all thoughts and ideas on how to proceed with
these legal/political issues. Hopefully the Thanksgiving council
will solidify all our ideas so they can be put out in the guide
mailing and further unify our family and its future.

all input & questions can be received in conference or mailed to:

Rainbow Guide

pob 3213

Madison, Wi 53704

newsgroups down to the ones I really want!

Some name seeds.....

alt.tribaltales | oooo
alt.gatheringnews |\ 0 o0
alt.pot-o-gold | \ 0 o0
alt.freedomlives | / 0
alt.free-to-assemble |/ H
alt.rainbowtales * | 0
alt.rainbowtribes * |

(* I know, some people (whose opinions I respect greatly) object to having
"rainbow" in the title, due to the fear of perceived confusion with an official
statement of the Rainbow Family Council, but I'd like to see how >everybody<
feels.....(and I think an appropriate disclaimer would work to keep things
clear) I feel that using "rainbow", lower case, as a keyword can help folks
enormously in trying to find us. The name of the conference in no way implies
the ownership by a particular group! I would encourage the name to use
"rainbow" in this context. However, I will act on the feeling of the feedback I

Love you all!


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