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Let's start accumulating some of the words and phrases that are either unique
to Rainbow or that have specific alternate meanings at gatherings, for
possible inclusion in future alt.gathering.rainbow FAQs. If you can
contribute better or more precise definitions, please do.

alcohol kitchen, alcohol camp, a-camp
- place for those dependent on alcohol, usually unsanctioned by gathering
council, often located in a transitional area

- people relegated to the renegade a-camp

- dominant culture

- generally meaning fraternity, as in all men are brothers, also used for
those who are male family

bliss ninnies, blissers, blisses
- those often, but not necessarily, young and usually middle or upper class
people who prefer enjoyment to work

boogie circle, boogie meadow
- music and dance space often with bonfire

- Center for Alternative Living Medicine (formerly known as M.A.S.H.), first
aid, field hospital, usually staffed with competent alternative health care
practioners, often with EMTs, LPNs, RNs, or MDs on call

college kids
- university students new to gatherings often visiting on weekends

council, council circle, main council
- sacred space for collective couciling, usually patterned after native
traditions, usually attempting consensus process

- fans and followers of the Grateful Dead band, usually those new to
gatherings and often young and perceived to be irresponsible

fairies, fairy camp, fairy kitchen
- usually those of male homosexual persuasion, and their camp or kitchen

- people who have attended more than one gathering and consider themselves to

gate, main gate
- point where gathering encampment begins

high holy hippy elders, high holy hippies, high holies, assholies
- either objective or subjective hippy elders

- Gaia, Mother Earth, nature, or gathering encampment

- Information and Rumor Control collective, camp or kitchen for info-maniacs,
message center, bulletin boards, ride sharing board, workshop schedule,
lost and found box, CB radio, clock

- people who live in the immediate vicinity of a gathering

kid village, kiddie village
- focal point for cooperative child care

- centralized area for storing passenger vehicles while gathering, usually
supervised by family, local, state, and/or federal authorities

Rainbow Family
- a dis-organization of non-members

- often older street people, hoboes, mountain men, or homeless

sisters, sister space
- generally meaning sorority, as in all women are sisters, also used for
those who are female family, camp, kitchen, or safe, supportive space
reserved for women only

supply, main supply
- central area for donating supplies and coordinating acquisitions

- people who come to a gathering, usually at its peak, simply to witness the

weekend warriors
- family employed and residing in babylon

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