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07 Feb 1993 09:07:53 writes:

>I was thinking about tring to do a rainbow irc confernce.
>I will be on irc 10pm local time 11pm east coast time, 8pm West coast
>sunday night and monday night on channel #rainbow
>if you are on the inet it self please come and join me. I you need info on irc
I have started writing a service that will allow interactive communications
as well as mail/conference services like that provided by peacenet. I need
help and ideas. The interactive communications part is based on the internet
program, ICB, and the mail/conference part based on citadel bbs software. If
anyone wishes to join the efforts to provide the family with a service to allow
us to share information, and provide a base for helping educate us more on the
doings of the Family, please let me know. Needed are the following:

People to enter the Rap 107/701 and other Raps into a textfile that
can be mailed electronically.

People to enter the data from the Rainbow Guide into a similar format
for same purposes.

People with programming exprience to help modify the code for our
needs, and help develope our own code to replace the code existing
now. (avoid copyleft/right problems)

People to help point Family and people interested in the Family to
these resources.

The mailer will be accessible to anyone with email capabilities, while the
interactive communications will only be accessible to people with direct
internet access.

In spirit,

>drop me a note. But you have to be on the internet directy to get to it.
>hope to cu all their


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