John Shumaker Defense Fund
14 Feb 1993 14:07:20

>John Shumaker, anti-nuclear and environmental Peace Activist
>was arrested October 16, 1992 for criminal mischief -- a Class
>C felony -- in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He spent two and a half days in
>Black Hawk County jail in Waterloo, Iowa, before being
>released on his own recognizance.
>John and a companion had gone to view a new freeway under
>construction through Waterloo. The other man began
>systematically to damage the earth-moving equipment, an act
>to which he subsequently confessed. Charges against him,
>however, have been dropped in favor of his testimony against
>John, who is a "bigger fish" as an activist.
>He maintains his innocence, but a defense fund is needed to pay
>for his legal defence. An outstanding environmental attorney,
>Wallace Taylor, is representing John, at $85 an hour. To cover
>these expenses, the John Shumaker Defense Fund has been
>established. Please send your contributions to:
>Terry Rediger
>1933 Castle St
>Waterloo, Iowa 50702
>John has been involved in the defense of Mother Earth since his
>graduation from the Univ. of Iowa in 1979. In 1984, in Portland,
>Oregon, he sat on the tracks to stop the nuclear White Train,
>and worked on the Oregon Ballot Measure 9, which was
>successfully passed to stop radioactive contamination of the
>Willamette River. He was on the Rogue River Walk in support
>of charges against Litton Industries' crimes against humanity
>through their involvement in nuclear weapons production.
>John walked in the Great Peace March of 1986, and the
>Michigan and New England Pilgrimages to Groton Conn. in
>1987 to protest the Trident nuclear submarine production.
>Annually since then, he has witnessed at the Nuclear Test Site
>in Nevada, for a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and
>for the rights of the Western Shoshone Nation to the land of
>Newe Segobia, which was treatied to them in 1864. In none of
>these events was he ever arrested.
>This summer, John participated in the Walk Across America
>for Mother Earth, but, returning home from the culminating
>Healing Global Wounds ceremony at the Nuclear Test Site,
>was arrested for an alleged act of civil disobedience. Local
>coverage of the incident has continued to misquote and slander
>him, injuring his family and greatly prejudicing the case.
>John Shumaker deserves your help and support. He is available
>to come to speak to your community and your group. Please
>John Shumaker
>1125 Randolph St
>Waterloo, Iowa 50702
>(319) 234-8630
>For Peace and Justice for Mother Earth,
>Kerry Miller
>Fido 1:14/680.2
>(913) 539-8838

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