Re: Debt from Colorado Gathering
15 Feb 1993 12:03:34

> Howdy Brothers and Sisters,
> We recently received a flyer down here in Austin which stated that the
> Family still has a debt to the hospital in Paonia, CO. Collections are
> presently underway to clear this with the locals. Unfortunately, there
> was no address for the hospital included in the information we
> received.
> Can anyone confirm this and help us get any money we raise to the
> appropriate people? We flyer says the debt is in the 2,000+ dollar
> range, but this is the first we've heard about it.

Nothing like following up on your own message ;-)

I have some additional info about this:

People were refered to Delta Memorial Hospital by C.A.L.M.

Delta Memorial Hospital
PO Box 10100
Delta CO 81416

(303) 874-7681

Ask for Elaine Harper.

The Family debt to this hospital was about $3600.00 last August. They
were very helpful to the Rainbow and offered cheap quality service to
those in need. We need to clear this debt to maintain good standing and
ensure future help from medical facilities at Rainbow Gatherings.

If you give any donations, please send a copy of the check, etc to:

Water Singing On the Rocks
Middle of the Rainbow
Tomkinsville KY 42167

Mark with "Rainbow" to identify the letter. This is to keep record on
how much we have paid to the Hospital.


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