Winter Regional Tales

Stephen R. Johgart (
Tue, 16 Feb 1993 19:30:23 -0800 (PST)

Nordhouse Dunes, February. One would expect snow, but there was none. There
was plenty of cold weather, though, bracing, invigorating cold. Save the
snow, a perfect weekend for a winter regional gathering.
Thursday night Leaf and I arrived to find bill-i and Racchimuskillingum and
Connie and Jim already set up, with a kitchen started and soup on, a small
fire burning on the cold ground. We set up our tents in the pines. By the
end of the evening we were twelve strong, with joy and laughter in the
frosty night.
On Friday we all hiked to the big lake. When we returned we found Leprechaun
unloading his fresh new tipi poles. We helped drag them through the pines,
and set up the tipi by flashlight, around the fire pit as dinner cooked. As
Leprechaun put the liner on the inside of the lodge we ate a delicious
potato soup and some fine rice and beans.
Saturday saw four folks leave and several more arrive. Altogether we were
about thirty sisters and brothers through the weekend. We had a truly
Rainbow-spirited weekend, with everybody giving a little something and
taking a little something, many hugs and smiles and prayers and circles,
much conversation about community and spirit and alternatives and life, much
thought and relaxation and meditation and laughter. Leprechaun asked those
who are serious about a new community to share addresses, and bill-i spoke
of Colorado land he had scouted. A pile o' humanity slowly changed shape on
the tipi floor. One brother watched his life in the fires. Several of us
went to the top of the world and looked out on miles of dunes, trees, and
water. We never were cold.
*** *** *** ***
It was late evening. bill-i had just finished a reading from "Fear and
Loathing in Las Vegas", a reading involving the bizarre world of the raw
ether buzz.
I was outside by the kitchen when I saw a figure I knew was bill-i in the
kitchen searching for something. I walked up behind him and said, "I already
finished off the last of the ether."
Slowly he turned, and eyes I didn't recognized stared at me.
"What?" he said, confused.
I said nothing for a moment, then turned and strolled off.

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