Re: Why not FidoNet too ?
25 Feb 1993 20:08:57

In article <9302231756.AA00615@darkstar.cygn> writes:
>From: (Rob Savoye)
>Subject: Re: Why not FidoNet too ?
> If there is enough interest, I can probably help this to happen. I know
>one of the main fidonet people, he has an internet (56k line) also to
>his house. I could ask him if he'd set us up...
That's where your gateway needs to be. The software to use to convert
Usenet articles to Fidonet message format is Fredgate 19L or later
(there is a later version, can't remember the numerical designation).
This is pretty much the accepted standard for a U to F conversion utility.
It's versatile, full-featured software.
If you need access to it let me know.


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