Medical doctors in the family?

26 Feb 1993 19:28:55

Hi, Sprite here. I am looking for information regarding any doctors within
the Family that actively practice medicine. I have diabetes and need to be
able to talk to someone and get checkups and such while I am on the road.
I can not afford to stop every month or two while "one the road" for checkups.
Is there anyone that can be reccommended to me? I would like names and phone
numbers if at all possible. All states with the exception of a few on the
east coast somewhere sell insulin and syringes over the counter, but alot
of pharmacies all the same would like current presciptions to sell the
medicine and supplies. The last thing I need is to 1) travel with over
a hundred syringes, 2) travel with large amounts of insulin that requires
to be kept at not the hot temperatures that one experiences during summmer
gatherings and become unusable. 3) Risk an insulin reaction, and 4) go to
jail for possesion of what could be considered drug paraphenalia because
I didnt have a current prescription. ANY HELP APPRECIATED.


Ps Anyone know of any other diabetics in region 16??

Mail: Sprite, 710 31st St, Boulder, Colorado, 80303, (303) 443-4510

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