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Peter Fraterdeus (
Mon, 04 Jan 1993 15:50:32 -0800 (PST)

Reply to: RE: IGC rainbownews conf (David Liebman) writes:

>>you seem to have some connections... what do you know about one between
alt.g.r and the igc rainbownews conference? is it possible that messages could
be cross-posted automatically at igc -- or, if igc is concerned about giving up
all their dope, is it possible that a.g.r posts could be cross-posted to
awf.rainbownews so that any replies on awf.rainbownews would end up on usenet
as well? and why not?<<

Funny you should ask!

The (PeaceNet/IGC) "awf.rainbownews" conference has been discontinued in favor
of the "alt.gathering.rainbow" group. We have archived all the awf.* stuff in
an archive which is ftp-able from (but I'd have to be reminded how
to get at it!) If you're on igc, just type 'o' for old at the 'conf' prompt.

igc has (for the time-being) agreed to be the host of the new alt.* group, and
will continue to archive messages older than 180 days.

Play for Peace!


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