Runaways please call home!!

Peter Fraterdeus (
Fri, 15 Jan 1993 16:02:27 -0800 (PST)

Runaways please call home!!!
Please Post at All Gatherings
Please Announce at All Councils
Please Pass on to Phone Network

Pat Langballe - 16 years old
Rich Batson - 15 years old

Please contact Jerri (Pat's mom) regarding your current legal situation.
She says you can do what ever you need to, but you should

These young brothers may be heading toward a Florida or California Rainbow
Pat is running away from a probation trip, and a court warrant will be issued
if he's not in touch ASAP.

Anybody who knows where these kids are, please call me (or send EMail!) and
I'll forward messages to Jerri.

If Pat or Rich wants to call me collect to talk about it, please do. I'll
accept charges and call you back.
(No collect calls from anybody else, please!!!)

Petros (Chicago Rainbow Volunteer Focalizer)
708 328 2733 (for this issue only, not for other business)

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