15 Jan 1993 23:26:31

Sveral things first:
tomorrow or today the 16 their will be an all day thing in front of the White
house a good bye party and jam, food, etc.
it seems from a letter I got the Forest service is holding off for now
with puting the new reg in effect. It seems the new admin. will
have to figure out how it feels.
but the forest service or some one seems to be trying to inforce
current reg more strcitly and their was a raid at the Missippi gathering.
with 4+ arrest Sara and Er being arrest when they wanted to know what was going on.
and I do not reber what Little Halk was arrested for. I will send the whole
letter if I can find it (it droped out of my pocket)
also I should have the notes from Thankg giving here soon like monday or tuesday
posted I hope.
Love Me

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