Re: Blather is Valuable. Fear not Band
16 Jan 1993 12:18:23

John, etal.
I was going to reply on your posting in a line by line way. But I think
that is basicaly a defenvie technich. So I will just say. two or three quick things.
If you want to say soemthing to the net that is great please share whatever it is.
Though please be aware of headers. Who the message is being sent to. Are you
sending a message to everyone or a single person. This a major problem
on the wuarchive anounce group for
example. The other thing is say usenet is has a very low signal to noise
ratio. But we do not have to add to it and since I do not know how many of
the people on here have posted to a usenet group I though I would mention it.
If you read the FAQ of most usenet groups it talk about summing article.
additionaly usenet is by no means free (I will pass cost of distrution along
(this is partly due to distrution methodes long distance is a part of
usenet costs))
Well thank you all for you listening to my babble

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