16 Jan 1993 19:59:46

I have now posted with this message the first 3 of the five messages on
this topic. Namely that of the New National Forest service REgulations.
This is very important please pass this imformation om to your local focalziers
and family many of know are not on this network. Also if someone else
who is more geagrsphical statble would get on thomas's mailing list it
would be to the benifit of us all. If soemone wouldlike to do that please
drop me a note. Since if someone else who I know was getting them and would post
them it would make things esier. Also if you are on other lists of have friends
with e-mail or without please pass this on to them.
the remaining two message will be posted latter tonight or tomorrow. I also
hope to get to the note for Thanks Giving council torrow as well. If the people
on this list have all gotten the stuff from Thomas then please let me know and
I will not bother posting it. Though it is my impressio that this is not the

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