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17 Jan 1993 06:52:15 writes:

>additionaly usenet is by no means free (I will pass cost of distrution along
>(this is partly due to distrution methodes long distance is a part of
>usenet costs))

I didn't mean free in the sense of money, I meant free in the sense of

In any case, USENET is increasingly being distributed via the Internet, as
opposed to UUCP. All the major universities have Internet access and do
not pay long distance charges on a connect-time basis, since they are
*always* connected.

Every USENET site has control over which newsgroups it carries. Disk
space is the major consideration, here, not bandwidth; and the really big
newsgroups are things like which encode graphics. Huge.
Even if every single person reading and responding to alt.gathering.rainbow
did so to everyone (as opposed to replying by email to an individual
poster) it would not represent even 0.5% of USENET traffic, bandwidth
usage, or disk storage space -- not even close.

All I'm saying is that there's no need to caution everybody about how they
participate for fear of using too much bandwidth.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blather. ;-)

Hey, Mike... LoveYa! <bonk!> Now getouttahere ya knucklehead! :-)

- loca

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