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19 Jan 1993 07:22:36

In article <> (John Hoag) writes:
>camerons@NAD.3Com.COM (Cameron Spitzer 408-929-7601) writes:
>>This generalization ignores the home sites. My newsfeed charges me $2/hour
>>plus $38/month. Normally my 80MB home news spool holds a couple of months
>>worth of the dozen newsgroups I read at home. Filling that spool with news
>>*once* costs more than the disk drive did!
Sounds like you should invest in a new modem. With a T2500 modem (
Telebits previous generation of modemo), speeds of 1300 chars/second
are normal for uucp file transfer. Their current setup is supposed to
be about twice that. But even if you were only doing 1000/characters/second,
that would still be 3.6 million chars/hour, or about $46 to fill your
80 meg hard disk. At the purported 38.4K, it would cost only about
$six dollars to fill your 80 meg hard disk. Compare that to a
2400 baud modem costing about $105 to fill. Etc.

>> Over the next year I intend to
>>serve a few downstream sites belonging to Greens around California. These
>>will be dial-up long-distance UUCP feeds. I'd like to feed them
>>alt.gathering.rainbow, since our values are so similar.

	Again, I would suggest faster modems.  They do wonders for
reducing long distance costs.

> >If your system can't handle the amount of blather you want to subscribe to, >you need more system. Very few people bring newsfeeds directly into their >mone computers -- and those who do are very well advised to invest in more >than 80 megs of disk space. With more and more Internet dial-up access >POPs, it's hard to imagine the need to have netnews delivered, en masse, >onto your hard disk at home. But suit yourself. Just don't scream at >everyone to quit using up *your* bandwidth if that's the way you want to >handle netnews.

	But connecting to a system to actually *read* the news often
costs more, both in $$/connect hour *and* time it takes to read.

>Wow, talk about generalizations. So everything that's not constructive in >your worldview is a waste of precious bandwidth, eh? Can you say "New Age >Cyberspace Fundamentalist?" Knew you could.

	Bandwidth is not infinite, but at the same time, there are things
Cameron could do to improve his situation as well.

Just my 3.5 cents... william

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