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This could be the seed for our FAQ, Eh What?

Let's let the topic steep for a while and then extract the quintessence....

PS The following comments are my own, not the consensus of any council...
Peace, and Goddess-speed to the new President of the USA!


Date: 1/20/93 4:28 PM
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Subject: Rainbow Family

From: Mike Ezrine <>

This was sent to me and I thought I would pass it on to the list
so everyone could reply. please reply either to the auther or the list
and I will forward replies to him.

> So who are you affiliated with, or are you a
> stand alone group?

We have no affiliation, but just about every thinking person will find a common
ground in the Rainbow.

> What is the religious
> background here? Is this a religious organization,
> or are you just a bunch of people from all walks
> of life with a common interest?

The latter. However, there are a couple of traditions that bind us. The great
circle for World Peace and Earth Healing (Solar Noon July 4th at the North
American Rainbow Gathering) brings thousands of people into silent communion.
We do not subscribe to any specific creed or outlook. The only consensed
political position of the North American Rainbow Tribal Council is to Affirm
the Inalienable Right of the People to Assemble Peaceably for Spiritual and
Expressive purposes, without interference from governmental agents. To this
end, all Rainbow Gatherings are Free and open to all Peaceful beings.

> What is the belief of the organization? Do they
> have a 'charter' or some such document they follow?

There is no "charter". The formal consensii of the Rainbow Family Tribal
Council (which in North America meets July 1-7 each year at the site of the NA
Gathering) form a body of precedents. However, there are a number of informal
traditions which provide a general structure for the operation of a Gathering.
Decisions are made in open council by consensus of the whole council. Lately
there has been a substantial appreciation for the understanding that while
anyone may offer objections to a consensus, no one person may impede the will
of the whole. This is an ever evolving system, and each council develops its
own process.

> I'm very cautious, as you can tell. I like to know
> a lot before I get involved in something.

Anything we can tell you here will be like old crumbling newsclippings.
The only way to appreciate a Rainbow Gathering is to attend and even better, be
involved. Some of the most creative effort expended at a Gathering is provided
by first-timers. They just "get it", and go for it!

Working in one of the great Tent Kitchens, like Sunrise, Everybody's or Kid
VIllage, feeding 500 or more people three times a day, is an absolute turn on
and a first class education of how it all fits together!

Being tuned in to Recycle/Trash patrol (all of us, all the time) keeps us
close to our effects on the Land.

Hope to see you out there!


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