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21 Jan 1993 16:17:10

Dragonfly, Bill Baxter, Dan D., Hawk)
- collected $""72.28"" to open savings account "in trust for Rainbow
Family Gathering for 1993"
- multiple signers
- account in Cincinnati so no social security # is necessary
- records are simple and kept by 3 folks
- records will reflect donations earmarked for special interest (ie. $10 for
CALM, etc)
- 2 payments ONLY from this acct. prior to spring council, phone and po
""LEGAL LIAISON"""- collected $""150.00"" for mailing regarding proposed
changes in the Forest Service regulations affecting our right to Gather.
(out of comm. w/legaliason, NOT representing legaliason) We feel as a
committee that there are timely issues with respect to Forest Service
regulations that would affect out families' right to gather that invite us to
act now. We propose that a representative from each region be
responsible for receiving information and dispersing from legal liaison to
folks in each region with " how er can help most" at any given time. Also,
it seems apparent that green energy is an immediate need and will be an
ongoing need if we are to preserve our rights under the 1st amendment.
We propose that wwe all at least consider appropriating a portion of the
funds raisied for the gatheriing to go to legal liason to preserve our rightt
to gather.
""SCOUT COUNCIL""- first of March; donations send to office; (Davis,
Quiet Bear; Marianne, Taco Mike, Kalif, Wobblin' Willie)) going to Burnside
KY office

(except meat)
Discussion was involved about size of circle, meat, communication,
spirals, concentric circle, diversity of kitchens offering the flavor of
rainbow, Krishno question, people not being comforrtable in the big group,a
vision was shared, the council that comes with; several people said both
would happen (big vircle/serving from kitchen that the focus of the
invitation was unity not conformity, communication is the key. An objection
was raised about the wording thaat mentioned CALM and Kid Village was
redundant. Consensus was blocked by Clear becasue that we haven't
leanred to work in small groupss that coming together in such a large
group because we need more to learn about small groups; running
suppliess for everyone instead of individually; plan the site at first
instead of being so spread apart; try to get flow of info to everyone not
just main circle; try to communicate both large and small scale; talked
aboutt breaking down into small circles (pros and cons); post info boards at
all kitchens to circulate info; some folkss don't participate in many
councils' no council at dinner so no bickering; council earlier in day; main
circle info will be spread by word of mouth; try to get focus and
organization back into Rainbow so we don't stagnat; you have invitation to go
to Gathering; you don't have to go; trust sisters and there get up to bbring
the family together; Steven asking Clear to review his reasons to block
consenssus so we can move along with Council; Clear is asking villages get
invitations and educaation on visitation into the larger scene; Consensys
""CONSENSUS""- ""We invite all kitchen other than Kid Village and a
small CALM to join us at Main Circle for supper rather than serving supper at
individual kitchens"".
This is the beginning of the Gathering. This is where the further
building of Utopia begins. TEEPEE Frank gave "pep talk to encourage folks to
seek and educate folks into the "work" aspects....not just the "fun" - let
folks know....see what it's really about; working, working together. Work is
love made visable. Next a sister shares her vision and suggested we consesne
to a yearly "heartsong" to be printed and known to all to share. Every year
as we grow and evolve so does our "song". Idea presented in manner relating
it to a nation anthem thing. Next a brother spoke of violent behavior
earlier in circle, one brother being very verbally aggressive w/a sister. He
heard from a distance and come to circle to interrupt the situation. He
reminds us all we are Shanti Sena and the importance of stopping in
mid-process to deal w/ this abuse and that the circle can/should support such
interruption of verbal/mental abuse. That stopping violence/abuse within out
own circles is imperative! He asked brothers in circle to please become more
attentive....was mentioned by last 2 speakers for brothers to seek out their
female- the female within.
Stephen Wing/Committe report from info. There is mention of Spring Council
and an issue of blocking for consessus on Spring Council on private land;
""BIG ISSUE""!! Scout council tentative dates early March. Talk of Spring
Council usually Memorial Day. There will be a seed camp for this? Topic:
Spring and/or scout council.
CONSENSUS: Clarification being- ""Scout council is early March, first weekend
4,5,6 March"". Scouts begin scouting now and come back together, report and
confer on details in March. The 2 months between scout and spring council is
for further wrap up details and desisions and continue scouting. CONSENSUS-
""Spring council date is consensused MEMORIAL DAY"" sites for both are
unknown. Info to follow. CONSENSUS- ""Public land ONLY as sites for both
these councils"". (scouts pick location for their council w/only limitations
being that it is on public land, site for spring council will be derermined
at scout council. Info provided by office)

Attention; council asked that this topic be included although there was no
consensus on Mini manual- gather info from experienced kitchens, etc for
further, cleaer guidance on our survival methods on paper. Asking for
recommendation by this council to request for said info to futher develop
such publication. Further talk of rap 107/701 copies and revisions.
CONSENSUS- ""Review rap 107/701 at Spring Council w/Stephen Wing at HO!
address collecting and organizing info/option sent in by Family. Please
Participate! He will present them. (HO! address- P.O. Box 5455 Atlanta, GA


Greg from CA sharing vision of Gathering or something. Christopher of
Luisville pointing out that "communication" keeps coming up as an issue. He
speaks of not being in center of circle to speak so all can see/hear and not
be intimidated by such attention. Dusk to Don of Tampa announces FL council
next week at Lynn and Kendo's N of Gainsville at Hilbraun Springs to
decide/discuss winter gathering and support of National. Sister spoke and
read letter from Iris Springflower. (suggestions included earlier)

CONSENSUS- ""This is the """Year of the Child""" and """The Child Within Us

Brother from D.C., announcing surplus of food and blankets has successfully
stored, needs help w/distribution- sounds like a lot of supplies. Newcoming
brother speak and address topic of family "press release" to combat bad

""HOT TOPIC""- Rainbow Dancer speaking, suggests developing guidelines to
cope with people who have violent tendencies and borderlines on how open we
are. Need to deal with this disruptive negative energy. This has been comng
up frequently this council. Fosuc on healing methodoology. (mediation
techniques, etc.) ""Everyone think about this and come up with suggestions to

""HOT TOPIC""- mediation group/gathering to discuss what this means for our
family. Suggestion to take entire year for all family to council on this
issue. COnflict resolution council- point made that this council is fully
empowered by whole family so action/results do not rest on any single person
or small group- suggestions to come up with resulutions NOW!

All this ties together with Shanti Sena- many, many folks spoke to this both
with/without exoerience. Also goes back to sub-minimanual on Shanti Sena.
Conflict Resolution/Mediation. Hug and Kiss patrol as part of prevention of
incidents. These situtaions are imparative to address for our family NOW.
CONSENSUS- ""All those with belly buttons are Shanti Sena"".
CONSENSUS- ""Hug and Kiss Patrol be established for 1993 Nation Gathering as
part of Shanti Sena"".
CONSENSUS- ""Establish set mediation space for all (mediation space and

(Katuah Family Circle offered as their Vision and service to provide
mediation space with counciling for anyone in family with need and to provide
place and help to identified perpetrators- at their interest and agreement
only- to heal brothers/sisters. If perpetrator resists or refueses, then
asking Shanti Sena to deal with it in their traditional fashion. Much
discussion about cooperations tipi.

Office info:

Rainbow Family of Living Light 1993
P.O.Box 187
Tateville, KY 42558
Phone in Burnside, KY: 606-561-6185 (9 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week).

This information was lovingly prepared by terry, Sunshie, Water-Signing-on-
the-Rocks, Swan, redmoonsong, Little Ray, Debby Blue Star Sappire, Wuill,

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