Update #2

27 Jan 1993 16:37:10

here is two things. First an address correction and second a sample letter:
1. James Macrea
Washington, D.C. 20503 (zip code was wrong)

Here is a letter writen by someone I hope it is helpful:

Your Address

Ms. Carol Rasco
The White House
Domestic Policy Advisor
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500

January 26, 1993

Dear Ms. Rasco,

I am writing to let you know that I am aware of possible
regulations coming out of the National Forest Service, which
will limit the right of the American people to freely
assemble on public lands.

It seems that NFS has managed to obtain an exemption from
President's Bush's moratorium on regulations just prior to
the inauguration of President Clinton.

It is my hope, as a Clinton supporter, that the tone of the
current administration will be much different from the former
administration. Based on the first week of President
Clinton's administration, it certainly appears to be a more
open and democratic effort and President Clinton has shown
high integrity and character.

These regulations as I understand them:

1. require an authorization for peaceable assembly on
public land,
2. posting of a damage deposit before citizens can meet
in the public wilderness, and
3. require insurance policies before using public lands
for a social, religious or political gathering.

It seems that these regulations would be impossible to
enforce, given the amount of NFS land which should be
available to taxpayers for their use. I am also concerned
about the costs to attempt to enforce these regulations and
the red tape that would result.


I ask that you look into this situation and determine whether
these regulations have been eliminated. I am unable to get
any further information about them. If these are still under
consideration I wish to state my protest against them.

I pray that the expanded hope that the people of the United
States have placed in the new administration shall continue
to grow with each day.

May your job of public service bring you much joy and peace.


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