Rainbows Pray for World Pea

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Sun, 04 Jul 1993 10:09:29 -0700 (PDT)

Rainbows Pray for World Peace 7/4/93 12:17 PM
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Rainbows Pray for World Peace and Earth Healing

July 4th 1993

In numerous circles around the continent, including major gatherings in
Kentucky, Alabama and Oregon, as well as picnics and smaller gatherings,
thousands of humans and their families offer a silent counter-point today to
the militaristic explosions of the Fourth of July celebrations in the US.

In celebration of the Interdependence of all Life and the Freedom of the Spirit
that the July ritual stands for, the Rainbows are silent all morning before
coming together >en masse< in a circle of thousands for silent prayer giving
way at high noon to Songs of Peace and Prayers for the Healing of the Planet.

At this time, the Rights to Gather for this purpose without government
interference are in dire jeopardy from US Forest Service regulations designed
to hinder or prohibit such spontaneous gatherings.

Please contact the volunteer Legaliaison office in DC at 202 265 5389 for
copies of the proposed regs.

Also, please review the newsgroup "alt.gathering.rainbow" for further
information. A Mailing list is available. Send a message to
"listserv@darkstar.cygnus.com" with the words "subscribe ALERTS" followed by
your name, in the message body (subject is ignored). Send "INDEX" for a listing
of files available.

Information about the 1993 Rainbow Gatherings in Kentucky and Alabama may also
be found in alt.gathering.rainbow.

Copies of the proposed regs are also available online in that conference, or by
ftp at cygnus.com in /pub/alerts, or through the mail server. Questions
regarding this may be sent to chicken@astro.umd.edu


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