KY Vision Council Consensus

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sat, 17 Jul 1993 15:37:18 -0700 (PDT)

KY Vision Council Consensus
By nearly unanimous and simultaneous agreement, the vision council of the 1993
Gathering of the Tribes in Kentucky (as sanctioned by the vision council of the
Colorado Gathering) blesses the vision of the Rainbow Family of Living Light to
gather their tribes in Wyoming to pray together on Interdependence Day.

Whereas that tribe's gatherings have become far too much of an ordeal and
raging bacchanal for gentler tribes to pray together in the consecrated OM
circle, a great concern exists toward effecting peaceful gathering for all
Rainbow people through vision focussed by the feather of Rainbow Light, the
Council of Tribes has therefore agreed to the desperate need for at least two
national gathering sites in order to adequately accommodate the needs of the
greatest number of children of the Rainbow and preserve the sanctity of the

The plea to gather in Wisconsin was delivered by Billy Eye from Michigan and
supported strongly by a Wisconsin farmer named Marcos and numerous other
brothers and sisters from many regions. Many reasons were given in support of
gathering in Wisconsin, including strong regional infrastructure, excellent
food and water sources and the proximity to major cities making attendance by
inner city minority folk more possible. The only major objections were that the
usual focalizers were too busy to organize a gathering in 1994 and that the
Rainbow Family of Living Light's vision council had decided to gather

Since the Gathering in North Carolina, water supplies have been at best, barely
adequate and at the worst have been responsible for a great deal of unnecessary
sickness and thirst. The vision to gather near clean, big waters was clearly
expressed by several brothers and sisters and with the help of Rolling Thunder
and the Great Spirit. The vision council of the 1993 Gathering of the Tribes
has selected to gather on the southern shore of Lake Superior on July 4, 1994
to celebrate our interdependence. (Scouts may determine that the best site is
actually in upper Michigan).

The council also recognizes the sanctity of Brother Zeus' desire to gather with
his brothers and sisters in Oklahoma and as with the brothers and sisters of
Rainbow Light and any others anywhere who wish to join in circling at high noon
on July 4, 1994 to pray for peace, the Rainbow Council of Tribes blesses all
these as true Rainbow Gatherings. The council pledges to assist all tribes
wishing to gather under the Rainbow on Interdependence Day by faithfully
transmitting strictly true and accurate information regarding all Gatherings.

Witnesses sharing this vision inlcude:

Victor Tail Wags the Dog - recorder
Dog Man - shanti sena (signed)
Mulcogi Sangh - medicine man
Roses Cries a Lot
Jefree Daniel Joseph
Rainbow Weaver - scribe
Black Foot - shaman
Jim Medic
Mary Talks a Lot
Paul Giroux (signed)
Sugar Lee

Faithfully submitted by: Thomas J. Wasserberg AKA Crazy Tommy - focalizer

Aho/Mitakue Oyasin

Posted by Petros who is not involved in this decision, but whom neither will
have anything to do with any bickering or other childish backlash against my
sisters and brothers who may decide in their hearts to gather anywhere on or
off the planet, when ever they desire.

Personally, I rather enjoy the high mountain air......


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