23 Jul 1993 08:26:33

My apologies to

for my ignorance and irrational paranoia. The repetition of my
postings was due to the fact that my server told me that it didn't post
and put my articles in my dead.article file. It also told me that my
letters weren't being sent (to verify identities). I am somewhat new
usenet and still pretty stupid. One of the articles coming from apc.org
was apparently disinformation. I had never seen so many postings coming
from one place so I ass-u-me-d it was the same person. I now know that
it is a usenet gateway. Was there disinformation? Or was it actually
true? (Busts at kentucky. Rumours being at dead shows. etc.) Whether
or not there was, it is clear to me that the two people I accused are

Sincere Apologies

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