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27 Jul 1993 06:21:01

Myra- As you did not include an address with your note requesting info. on
European gatherings (esp. in Ireland), I have to respond to you on the general
listserve. This is a re-posting of a note sent out on July 7, '93. Hope it

Luke Jones, Wash. DC

>11. European Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes
>The European Rainbow Gathering is a yearly coming together of
>people and tribes from all over the world with the aim of
>putting into practice a vision we hold within our hearts. The
>vision that we can live together in harmony with each other and
>with Mother Earth. The emphasis of the gathering is on sharing
>and co-operation. It is 'time-out' from the structures of our
>society, from electricity, vehicles and from our normal
>relationship with money. Most of all, the gathering is about
>sharing our Love as one Rainbow Family. Healing the planet by
>healing each other by healing ourselves.
>At the gathering we cook meals in communal kitchens. When the
>food is ready we make circles and the food is carried round to
>us. Following the food comes the MAGIC HAT for us to donate
>During the day there are workshops, talking circles and
>meditations. Acoustic music, dancing, drumming and storytelling
>carries on into the night. Daily meetings are held to discuss
>practical issues. For this we sit in a circle where the Talking
>Stick method is used. The person speaking holds the stick and
>all others listen. Decisions are reached by general consensus.
>Towards the end of the gathering we have a vision council to
>share our visions for the future of the Gathering. In
>particular where to hold it the following year.
>The Rainbow Gathering is exactly what we make it. There is no
>consumer/provider divide. If we don't bring it, it won't be
>there! This is true for all the Materials we shall need, for
>the Skills to share in the workshops and of course the Energy to
>dig toilets, run the co-ordination centre, peel potatoes, etc.
>There are some simple but vital characteristics of the Gathering
>which are necessary to create the unique atmosphere which makes
>a 'Rainbow Gathering' different from other 'Festivals'.
>Everyone is welcome to come but please come with an open heart
>and a willingness to co-operate with the following principles:
>Respect the principles of the Talking Stick and the Magic Hat.
>The gathering is an absolutely non-commercial event. Please do
>not come with the intention of selling or buying anything. Put
>as much money as you can in the Magic Hat, then enjoy the unique
>chance to be without the pressure to make or spend money. You
>will have what you need!
>DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS. They are *not* allowed on the Gathering
>DO NOT bring alcohol or other drugs. NO cassette players or
>other electrical devices.
>Come prepared to leave your vehicle in the park and walk with
>all that you need to the Gathering site. In previous years we
>have used horses or carried large marquees, kitchen equipment
>and all of the bulk foods over mountains and across rivers. It
>is amazing what can be achieved with people power!
>See you at the Rainbow! IRELAND 23. July - 3. Aug.

= = =

>How to get there:
>From Dublin to Tullamore or Port Laoise - then Mount Mellick
>from there to Rosenallis, where you will find Rainbow signs!
>(Direction "Ridge of Capards" & "Slieve Bloom Environmental
>Park") Just follow the signs of the Rainbow! until [P]
>Ferries from G.B. Foot Passenger 25 Irish pounds
>Times: 2 a.m. 2:30 p.m., with car/camper + 5 people 109 Irish
> Pounds, Return 218 Irish Pounds
> 4 a.m. 4:15 p.m. Hollyhead to Dublin
>From the continent: There are combined ferry fares (or direct)
>coaches from Frankfurt to Dublin around 80 Irish Pounds Return
>Coaches from London to Dublin are around 50 Irish Pounds Return
>Flights from London are around 80 Irish Pounds Return
>There are coaches from Dublin to Mount Mellick directly!
>Only once a day at 17:30 (5:30 p.m.) from the Half Penny Bridge
>(Virgin Mega Store) Price: 5 Irish Pounds Return with C.I.E.
>From Mount Mellick to Rosenallis there are no busses! Take a
>taxi or hitch!
>(Last Minute) Flights from Frankfurt or Duesseldorf: 069-440004
>Ferries from the continent & in general should be booked in
>advance! Same with coaches: London 0582-26545
>ON THE WAY... there is a Rainbow seed-camp in England at the
>Crabapple Community, Berrington hall, Berrington in Shrewsbury
>for stopping on the way
>Emergency Info Telephone: Ireland 064-45486
>IN THE HEART OF IRELAND - The land of the Rainbows, of mystical
>& magical places, we found after 5 month of scouting through the
>whole country, the most ORDINARY LITTLE SITE! Though we expect
>maybe a few thousand people coming, it is the smallest the
>goddess, spirit of Ireland offered us for there is power in
>simplicity, magic in the smallest and the most 'cosmic stuff'
>seems to be very ordinary. Anyway, we gave all we could and now
>it is up to YOU to bring much more space in your hearts and to
>give love, trust, care, joy, tolerance & beauty to the place &
>gathering. Best would be to leave all big expectations at home,
>travel lighthearted, be open to letting it happen & create the
>wonder and the beauty of this year's gathering from within!
>PLEASE RESPECT!: Cars do stay at the parking place - from there
>it is a few miles walk to the site. Do not bring any plastic,
>junk food or litter - bring big amounts of food; grains,
>veggies, nuts, rice, etc. for communal kitchens! Please respect
>the elements; do not cut any living trees. Strictly no fires in
>the woods! Do not shit or piss in the water or near any river -
>no soap or shampoo in the river. Please shit in the common shit
>pits only! Thank you. Please respect the SACRED fire in the
>center of the main gathering place; do not burn any rubbish
>there for it is the heart of the gathering. Please come
>together and help to create the one circle or spiral of life in
>which we are all one & connected and from which the gathering
>gains its strength!
>THE MAIN CIRCLE on this year's gathering will be structured in
>form of a celtic cross or medicine wheel; teepees & tents will
>be placed around the wheel in the main circle. (orientate on
>the 4 coordination teepees in the 4 directions...) Please be
>cooperative for there is not much space: we all have to move
>close together this year. Okay?
>WHAT TO BRING: Wellingtons, rain-clothes, umbrellas, mosquito-
>nets & repellent (for example lavender oil, citronella, garlic,
>etc.), clothes and shoes for *any* weather, teepees, tents,
>sleeping bags, blankets, kitchen equipment (big pots & pans,
>etc.), everybody brings his OWN bowl & spoon!, distribution to
>the magic hat, creativity, enthusiasm, love, joy & any thing to
>stay happy & healthy!
>ON THAT ISSUE we'd like to remind people who help & work in the
>kitchens; to *wash* their *hands* before preparing food & to
>have *different* spoons for stiring & tasting (which means no
>pot-mouth-pot connections with the same spoon). Remember how
>quickly disease & illness is spreading. Please be aware & bring
>CARE & RESPONSIBILITY for yourself and the Family. Everybody
>*is* responsible for him & herself and for what there is or is
>not happening.
>Bring some plastic canvas or Iso-mattress (air-mattress) to sit
>& to sleep on in case of rain & humid ground!
>We love YOU & do welcome you, Brothers & Sisters of the many
>colours to the one Rainbow Family.

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