Wisconsin Family Response to Turtle

26 Jul 1993 12:52:27

Before I begin i wish to make clear that the following does not necessarily
represent my personal opinion, rather I am merely relaying this
to the net as a scribe. I have been asked specifically to relay
these decisions to others in the Family via the net. My services
enter because i am one of the only Madison Family with access to
internet. Please foreward this message to Peacenet, and other
logical forums.

On Sunday, July 25 the Madison/Wisconsin Rainbow Family Circle
met for its regulay council and pot luck in the park (last Sun. every
month). Reps. from the Turtle Island folks came and gave a presentation
on their plans for a 94 gathering. While there were several items
on the agenda and other decisions made, the following are two important
consensus decisions that the Mad./WI Family felt were important to share
with the rest of the Family.

1) "The Madison/Wisconsin Rainbow Family Circle consenses to ask the
Turtle Island family to cease and desist from using the word 'Rainbow'
in their name for numerous reasons."

2) "The Mad./WI Family consenses to ask the Turtle Island Family
to co-host with the Madison/Wisconsin Family a gathering to be held
after the National in mid-July in Wisconsin."

Thus in short the Wis. Family wishes to continue focusing its energy
on future gatherings and the possibility of co-hosting a 95 National
Rainbow Family of Living Light Great Lakes gathering.

----------- [scribe] --------------------

Being present at this council I can attempt to answer questions over the
net, but concerned parties would perhaps do better to contact the
following addresses:

Madison Rainbow Circle The Rainbow Guide
Po Box 3314 PO Box 3213
Madison, WI 53704-3314 OR Madison, WI 53704
(I think this address is
still valid, tho it is not in
the new guide)

In Peace, In Light
rfeather /^\

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