Pot O' Gold

30 Jul 1993 20:34:37

Petros et al...

I received my first issue of Pot O' Gold, and I LOVED it (Nov.
'92). Thank you all so much for the energy and time you put into
this newsletter to help keep us all connected. It is put
together very well and its "reporting" is fair.

Thank you.

Question: Is the "Focalizer's Quarterly Mailing" and "Pot O'
Gold" two separate things? If so, can I send you a contribution
to help out with the cost of production and receive them both
when they come out?

The reason why I would like to receive the Focalizer's Mailing is
cause I am going to try to focalize a Clean&Sober Village (no
drugs). I just sent you a note on this subject.

Any idea on when the next mailing will be? How can we help
(aside from sending $)? Dates, announcements, comments, stories?


PS: Petros, I have a technical question. I receive postings
from a listserv. The "From" line reads: <notes@igc.apc.org>

How are this and <usenet> related?
What other rainbow-affiliated net-groupings am I missing when I
post a note to <alt.gathering.rainbow@conf.igc.apc.org>?
Are there other electronic rainbows that I can reach?
Can you suggest other listserves to tap into?

For your information, I can not go "interactive" in the internet,
I can only receive and send messages.

Your guidance would be a BIG help, I am new to all this
technology stuff!

M. Luke Jones

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