Re: Help me find this book: Travellers.
29 Jul 1993 07:25:12

About the best resource I can reccomend at this time would be "The
Emporer Wears No Clothes" A great place to find new age counter culture
Peace and Love

On 28 Jul 1993 wrote:

> Howdy brothers & sisters,
> I am interested in reading about life on the road. Someone here recently
> mentioned "Travellers: Voices Of The New Age Nomads" by Richard Lowe and
> William Shaw. I called my local BookStar but they did not have it (not
> even in their on-line catalog info.). Can anyone suggest a mail-order
> house where I could find this book, and/or suggest other titles relating
> to living on the road?
> peace,
> -Gary-
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