Re: Request for newsletter
26 Jul 1993 13:12:10

I would like to receive a newsletter of the Rainbow gathering.

My address is
1914 Rosedale Drive
Tallahassee, Florida

I am curious: What "newsletter of the Rainbow Gathering?" Would this be the
"Rainbow Guide"? If so, is this person from FL (no name or eMail address is
given) willing to perhaps contribute some "green energy" to cover the mailing

Perhaps this person would like to have a copy of "Pot O' Gold"? If so, they
should contact Peter Fraterdeus, PO Box 5448, Evanston, IL, 60204-5448.

Perhaps this person would like a copy of the "Rainbow Anthology," a history of
all the Rainbow Gatherings (Natl.) to date? They should contact Lee Horstman,
3301 NE 5th Ave. (909), Miami, FL 33137 (until Aug 15), or c/o Frances Norton,
7441 Wayne Ave. (15F), Miami FL 33137.

If there is a "Rainbow Gathering Newsletter," can someone post it so that we
all will know what's up?

For that matter, does anyone have a good bibliography or list of family-related

Luke Jones, Wash. DC

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