Re: diapers on the rainbow?!
01 Jun 1993 07:23:34

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In alt.gathering.rainbow you write:

>This year's rainbow gathering will be our daughter's (2 year old) first. And
>for us it will be the first gathering that we have to think about diapers (no,
>moss and leaves are not our first choice; and yes, we normally use cloth diaper
>s!) Any moms or dads out there with suggestions?
>Love and Peace,

Paper diapers were invented for travelling. Their creators never expected
people to use them exclusively. However, things didn't quite turn out
that way. So, unless you want to bring a diaper bucket and haul it into
town twice a week for washing, or set up a cauldron in kid villiage for
communal diaper wash, I'd go with the paper. Standard fly-feces-food rules

My wife reveres and venerates friends of her in Vermont who lives in the
country with five kids and travel all over. We drove out to visit them,
hauling the bucket. She said "I never travel with cloth diapers and never
use paper at home." Sums it up for me.

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