Gsthering or Scattering?
08 Jun 1993 03:37:02

"After all the arguing about the Kentucky site versus the
Mississippi site, the scouts report that the Great Spirit has led
them to a perfect site in Alabama, South of Piedmont on FS road
500 on the west of Sweetwater Lake, in the Taledga National
"I think the National Gathering is obviously going to be in
Alabama and I am on my way to the office to try to convince
everybody there and at the Kentucky holding camp to come to
consensus with the rest of the Family and move to Alabama."

"Although Kentucky is closer to D.C. than Alabama, the
location of the National Gathering is absolutely immaterial as
far as we are concerned. What does concern us is that this is
the exact time that the government is making its strongest push
ever to eliminate all future gatherings. Thus, this also seems
to be exactly the time when unity among the Family is essential
if the government's efforts are to be forestalled.
"It appears to us that there is a serious threat to the
essential unity of the Family. Unless the personal trips which
are militating for division are resolved it seems likely that
there may be two separate and divisive gatherings. In our
opinion such a split would have tragic consequences with regard
to the Family's ability to counter the government's efforts to
criminalize future gatherings.
"Based on conversations with at least seven different
individuals who claim to have attended Scout Council in Alabama,
it is our opinion that many of the folks at the office, elements
of the Mid-Atlantic Family and NERF are pushing for the Kentucky
site, but that the consensus process led to Alabama.
"To avoid adding to the confusion we only make these facts
and opinions known to the Family and take no position at this
time as to the site of this year's gathering.
"We do, however, pray that Water is successful in convincing
the folks who are apparently in dissent to act in the best
interests of the Family by moving to the Alabama site, because if
fear and/or personal convenience are allowed to rend the Family
in two it seems inevitable that the Family will be destroyed."

Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia (June 8, 1993), having read the
foregoing state:

"We concur. Nothing further June 8, 1993 to add."

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