Site Controversy Update
08 Jun 1993 23:49:58

The following message was received from Water-Singing-On-The-
Rocks on June 8, 1993 and updates his earlier message.

"It is my belief that there are two potential sites for '93
North American Rainbow Gathering. One of these sites is in
Alabama, one in Kentucky. I believe the Family must make its
decision with its feet and its rubber tires. The vast majority
of the hundreds of people who have called me this week have said
they prefer Kentucky. I have not seen the Alabama site and
cannot judge it, I trust that the scouts made a good choice. I
have seen the Kentucky site. It will work. It is awesome.
Though Spring Council did not concense to a site, and instructed
the scouts to keep on looking. The Council also instructed Mark
and I to test the water in Kentucky for heavy metals and
chemicals. An abundance of good water is available on and near
the Kentucky site.
"When I go onto the Kentucky site tomorrow I will be doing
two things. One I will be trying to get consensus that the
office in Kentucky should act as an information center, which
means that they should give all the information in a neutral
manner about both sites, as much information as they have, and if
they're going to give an opinion, that they label it as their
opinion. That's the first. The second thing that I'm going to
do try to find a few people there on the Kentucky site who have
been with the Family a long time and whose opinions are respected
by nearly everyone, and ask these few people to go to the Alabama
site and talk to the people on the Alabama site about the
Kentucky site, and look at the Alabama site, and then try to
mediate this dispute. But I need to make it very clear that I am
as neutral as I can be in this dispute, and I believe that the
Family will make the decision with their feet and their

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