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10 Jun 1993 10:34:28


We have gone and done it. Created a vision council with input from every part of the country. When I mean vision council I mean decision council for the national site. After all isn't it the same thing at different ends, what we have no and what we have
then. Isn't it continuous, with one part needing to reflect upon an earlier part? . Well, since I was there (Vision Council July 7, 1992 and July 8th, one of two people to be there both days at the beginning) I saw both the seventh and the eight reach
agreement for KY if a single voice from the KY family hadn't of spoke up and declared that KY was off limits. Well that voice has yielded his opinion to the will of the spirit like he should of last summer. So the decision to go to the southeast was re
ally a decision to go to KY.

Yes, yours truly articulated the consensus reached last year at that council. I listened to all parties, all parties listened to all parties and agreed that what they were hearing was a strong call to the southeast but someone said he didn't want it in K
Y. So what we have is KY. The same people who agreed southeast would have agreed to KY if someone from KY would have said OK. This is true if we look at the whole council process and not just snap shots from our various points of view.

Personally, I like this method of council, where everyone where ever they are get to be part, especially since the on the land council couldn't see eye to eye. We have opened our self to be moved by the will of the family if we would only look at the fam
ily nd where it wants to go.

At this point we have four gatherings scheduled for July 1-7. Zues sure opened up a bag of worms, good buddy. We feel, I'm sure I speak for a bunch of us now that we should be out fishing rather than going through this nightmare of communication breakdow

One gathering according to National Enquirer is in Mississippi, one is in Alabama, with crunch's brunches, one is in Virginia with Zues's illusions, and the Rainbow Family of Living Light is in KY waiting for us come home.

We have people all over the country saying they are Rainbow Family making statements for the Rainbow Family. I thought we didn't do that. I

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