Re: SITE 93
06 Jun 1993 13:13:55

Great news. Glad the suspence is over. I'd like to ask a few questions of
any one who feels they can answer accurately.

When one turns off Highway 192 at Mount Victory Christian Church, is one
turning northerly or southerly?

How mountainous is this site? Will it be as rugged, easier, or harder than
Vermont in 91? [I use a wheelchair so the matter is more important to me
than to most.]

What minimum temperatures can we expect at night?

Would someone please post Rap 107 and any other raps that might be useful?

Thanks to all who work so hard to prepare for gatherings. Thousands of us
appreciate it.

[This is a borrowed account; I can be e-mailed at C.Brooks1@GENIE.GEIS.COM.]


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