Re: SITE 93
10 Jun 1993 10:48:09


The family can come home. The site is large and centralizing. Mt. Victory is the sign that the family can understand each other, that those with personal agendas can make no disturbance when spirit is concerned. Bring vessels for storing water, bring fi
lters to be sure. The sun is hot, the bugs are not.

The word from the family is KY. Everyone has known that for months. We who watched process saw that process started with no one home. Vision council was without vision. Process failed at Spring Council. But these failings have lead us to new and exci
ting futures for the potential for everyone participating. Look at the big picture family. Those who would control and build their lifes on false notions of authority have lead us down the wrong path for the last time. We are all involved now

Come home the family is gathering in KY.

Michael John

r the Rainbow F

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