Bring water for a week?
11 Jun 1993 12:59:31


> Consensus #2
> Council requests all comers to bring water containers food gradedrums
> with lids and enough water for themselves for 1-2 weeks so the springs
> can be used for kitchens and calm.

Although I am unfortunately not going to be able to attend the gathering
this year, I cannot believe that anyone could counsil and determine
this to happen. It will never come to pass.

Recommended water for camping is something like 2 gallons a day. At
about 8lbs per gallon, you're looking at about 100 to 200 pounds of water!
That is absurd. You would have to drive it in. And if you can
drive into the gathering, you are looking at another Texas situation
which I seriously doubt anyone could endorse.

Plus who is going to arrive knowing they need to bring so much water
their car is dragging it's axle? You can consensus all you want, but
that won't change reality.

Just one 'ole Texan's opinion,


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