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Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Fri, 11 Jun 1993 19:52:35 -0700 (PDT)

Update from Water/PieMan/Petros
Hey there. This is Peter at Pot o' Gold with the next installment of

" WELCOME HOME! " our Rainbow Suspense Movie!!!

Water Signing-on-the-Rocks called me from the KY site with the following

The Site is NOT a landfill, it is an area that was >used< to fill in a
stripmine at another site.
There is No stripmine at this site. Again, the earth from these hills was used
as fill elsewhere.
The land can use our healing energy, as it is still recovering from its wounds.

The water scene is somewhat difficult, and folks should bring water containers
and filters.
However, there IS good water in the site, and easily gotten water nearby.

A substantial number of national CALM folks are at the KY site, and will be
staying there.

There has been no hassles with local or other governments. The local folks are
kind and helpful.

Water Signing-on-the-Rocks says he will be in KY for his family, since from the
calls he has been getting, he knows that 1000's pf people will soon be
arriving. He says that if it were his choice, he'd go to Alabama, but that the
KY site WILL WORK, and he will be there for the family that shows up there.

Water offers his personal word that from all the evidence he has seen, there is
no contamination at this site. The site is safe for the family to gather on.

He feels that the family will have to decide with our own feet and tires where
we will be.
It looks like there are two gathering sites this year.


PieMan says-- (fax received at Pot o'Gold this Afternoon)

Sisters & Brothers:
We are at a fork the road where the intra-family bickering can play into the
hands of Babylon.
This shit has got to stop becauise we as a family are undergoing a state of
siege with the ever-encroaching regulations governing "our right to assemble"
in our national forests.
Regadrdless of where we gather; the issue is our survival as a family.
We must withstand the Babylonian concept of "Divide and Conquer."
We cannot allow a replay of "Nero playing the fiddel while Rome burns"
We must HOLD TOGETHER if we are to survive.
Remember the dream is NOT OVER.
We must CARRY IT ON!
Aron "Pieman" Kay
718 648 7055


Peter says--

Pot o'Gold is being printed with a strong focus on the USFS Regs.
Site Directions will be given to both KY and AL, position to be determined by a

Spirit works in mysterious ways, to say the very least!

Welcome home to the whole dag-nabbed Southeast!

Love To All My Far Flung Family!

Peace in Diversity!
Remember, we may be divided by the miles, but we should not be divided by
The Cool thing is that we are together in the Spirit wherever we are, but our
well-armed friends can only focus in one place or stretch reeeeeeaaaal

Ho! Wakantanka!
Great Wonder, you move us like play things.
Your breath is strong, Grandfather, blowing through our souls as in the
Your Hand, unseen but mighty!
That glint, a sparkle of magic, in your infinite Eye
Betrays to us the smile behind creation.....



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