Kentucky being focalized

Stephen R. Johgart (
Sat, 12 Jun 1993 06:30:58 -0700 (PDT)

Well, this is very interesting--last time I checked there was a very
"official" sounding announcement here for Kentucky, so I added directions
to Kentucky to my flyer; I then handed out many many of them at the
Dead shows; thus, lots of folks are now busy spreading the Kentucky word.
bill-i also has had focalizers from around the country calling him and
has been giving Kentucky directions. Frankly, I think the Kentucky folks
did the right thing in making the decision--a lot of folks I've talked to
were real annoyed not to know even what state this thing would be in, since
it makes a big difference to us Babylonian folk in scheduling vacations and
such, especially since in some cases what state makes a difference in going
or not going. The impression I've gotten (and had such thoughts myself) is
that the scout council was seriously un-together on this, and for as official
an organ as Rainbow has (the office designated by Thanksgiving Council) to
make a decision and announcement as they did is right on. I'm going to
Kentucky, as long as something is going on there. I'll also tell folks of
Alabama, but everyone I know was *very* excited about Kentucky, and really
praying prior to the announcement that Alabama would not be the site this
year. See some of you there!


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