Hello brothers and sisters

11 Jun 1993 09:58:32

We are coming out of the system. Rainbows are very similar to us.
We extend the hand of friendship. As a punk, I personally have faced
much discrimination at your gatherings. I hope you can see past our
differences. Realize that you people wear uniforms too. We need
each others help.

sincere love

(c) 1993 David Robert Morgan and Froggi's Armi
Unlimited permission granted for repoduction in full
and free distribution of fully reproduced copies.

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II II II The Trident:
II II II Symbol of the Counterculture.

We are facing the end of the counterculture. (If it hasn't already
arrived.) The New 'Moralism' has infected society. It's effect is
already beginning to show in the next generation. (college freshpeople)
They are still waving the anti-drug flags that were stuffed down their
throats as kids by government sainction. The 'young amerikans for
"freedom"' want to see you rot in jail. Do you think that the
Democrats will change things? No way! Al Gore's campaign in the
primaries was basically "I am a Democrat that fully supports the
war on drugs." Bill Clinton is no better. And why stop with drugs?
Why not legislate all forms of morality?

The really horible thing is that the New 'Moralism' is very immoral.
People who have never physically imposed their will upon anyone are
being thrown into cages! In cages with others who DO physically impose
their will upon others. And where do we in the counterculture stand?
We stand alone and divided and powerless against a government that
physically imposes it's will upon the innocent. Isolated, we can only
hope for the future that they decide to give us. Is that the way they
want us or what?

We're pissed off, and we're organizing! They've fucked with our way of
life, now we're going to fuck with theirs! Hardcore! We have a great
new mass movement that is unifying our people. People are beginning
to stand up. But people are still being fucked over. Don't wait for
them to bust down your fucking door!


We are Froggi's Armi. Froggi's armi is an organization dedicated to the
ideals of the hippie and punk movements. Part of our philosophy can be
summed up with the following definitions:

Peace: When no person is imposing their will upon another.

Anarchy: When no person is imposing their will upon another.

Sin: The act of imposing one's will upon another.

By 'imposing ones will', we mean: to PHYSICALLY impose ones will.
We do not mean: to financially, morally, philosophically, etc. impose
ones will. We do not see that as imposing one's will. Murder, rape,
assault, kidnapping, etc. are clear impositions of one's will upon
another. There are other not so clear impositions and non-impositions
of one's will that we go into detail about later.

These are the only definitions for these words that we accept. Our
only law is -Do not sin- . (i.e. Do not impose your will upon anyone.)
We do not enforce this law. It's enforcement is it's own breaking. It
is both the law of peace and the law of anarchy. Smoking ganga, nudity,
public masturbation, prostitution, sodomy between consenting adults,
shooting herion, ... are clearly NOT violations of our law. However,
arresting someone and imprisoning them for such acts IS a transgression.
We believe that no police or military have the right to impose their
will upon us. We believe that they are evil. Their only power is the
ability to sin. We believe that we are safe without their "protection".
Our power is our faith. It is a stronger power. We will overcome those
who sin against us.

Our values are the values of the counterculture. We value the
experiencing of life more than the accomplishing of goals. This is
another cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe that all of the goal-
orientedness of society ultimately has no purpose. People moralize us.
They yell "Get a job you lazy bums!". What is this common goal of
society that people are made to feel obligated to work towards? There
is none! There is only the direction we are heading in, and that seems
to be toward the destruction of any nature that does not have an
immediate use by mankind. Some would argue that survival is our common
goal, but it is neither a 'common' goal nor the direction in which we
are heading!

Nature: Our provider and the source of all nourishment.

The System: A surrogate provider given to us by the economic systems of
the world.

Prostitution: When something that comes free and naturally is taken or
given unnaturally and sold for a profit.

The World's Greatist Prostitute: The System.

The system is convenient and offers many delicacies that Nature
doesn't. However, her golden cup is also filled with pollution, filth,
and abominations with half lives in the thousands of years. Society
cannot imagine life without the system. Society has become intoxicated
by her abundances and delicacies. All governments of the earth provide
for themselves from the system. All wealthy businessmen are rich
because of her. No one is going to want to leave the system, but you
must! You must come out of her NOW, while you are still able! The
pollution that the system creates decreases Nature's ability to provide.
This increases dependance on the system. The system exhausts the
resources of Nature. This also increases dependance on the system.
And to provide for oneself from the system, one must get a job and
become the system. This vicious cycle will continue as the system keeps
overadapting Nature to the increasing population until eventually,
"humans" will be raised like factory farmed chickens! Come out of your
damn cage before it's too late!

-Technology- isn't necessarily an evil thing. Especially when it
facillitates knowledge, communication, and community organization.
However, the more one separates oneself from Nature, the more pollution
is created. Some separations are necessary, (e.g. shoes) but some are
absolutely without conscious. (extreme e.g. microwave pancakes) And
we feel that the system encouages separation from Nature for the sake
of convienence. (and, of course, profit)

In the system, land is a commodity. Land can be the property, and
hence territory, of a man. Territory is ALWAYS associated with
authority. Territory and anarchy cannot exist at the same time. As
anarchists, we work towards the elimination of all territories and
boundaries and borders. They only divide us from our provider and from
each other. This FORCES dependance upon the system, and to us it is

We starve and die unless we are part of the almighty system. We are
shut out from our source and provider: NATURE. We are given a surrogate
provider like the babies in third world countries are given Nestle. And
all of the corporations are happy. And one day, your gonna wake up with
no rights, because you'll be on corporation property. Where can you go
that isn't corporation property? The toxic waste dumps. The "cost of
living" will be so high that the price you pay will be your enslavement.
There will be two kinds of people: the poisoned dying homeless, and the
corporate slaves.

Froggi's armi is an alternative to the system. We exist to be a
network for people who have given up the system, and to help Nature to
reclaim the earth. By uniting, we give more power to our ideas. We need
help from each other in many ways. If we did not have each other, we
wouldn't be able to survive outside of the system. We decided to create
an organization to focus our energies. We wanted to create this without
allowing one person or group to control it. The book is not a device
of control. It is NOT about what we 'should' be thinking. Rather, it
describes the philosophical characteristics of the members. We are an
organization for people with these characteristics much in the same way
that the NAACP is an organization for colored people. The final form
of our organization was modelled after the hippies and punks. We use
certain aspects of our CULTURE to organize and network:

-We wear uniforms. Yes, uniforms! They don't always match and they
are never assigned with rank, but they are still uniforms. They are
imperialist era uniforms with the trident emblem and sometimes peace or
anarchy symbols. It is part of our culture. The hippies and punks wore
more subtle uniforms. Ours differs only because it is blatantly obvious
that it is a uniform. Hippies and punks would sometimes judge another
as being a "poseur" because their uniform did not 'conform to
specifications'. We hope to prevent this hypocrisy by being honest
about what our uniforms are.

-Our uniforms are our way of organizing without having an
authoritarian hierarchy. It is obvious by looking at us that we are
members of Froggi's Armi. This allows us to recognize other members
even if they are total strangers. It allows us to spontaneously gather
and form happenings. It also allows us to spontaneously connect and
form communities. This is the way we organize and also the way we
support and represent the philosophy of our movement.

-Our uniforms serve a different purpose than regular uniforms so
they look different. They are loud and gaudy. We wear absolutely no
camoflage. Khaki, olive green, and navy would be best worn on trim
only. Black is usually put with flourescent trim. Seargent Pepper's
is basically the style.

-Our flag is a white and a black flag flown together. The
flagpole is a trident. This represents the unity of peace and anarchy
brought forth by the counterculture.

-We are nocturnal. We generally sleep from 9am to 5pm. (The hours
that most people work.) This serves many purposes. It makes us more
unemployable. It discourages interaction with the system. Boundaries
are not as enforced at night. We are given privacy. And we cut down
on our exposure to UV radiation and heavy traffic.

-We use ganga. People slander that it kills motavation. Good! We
advocate it's use. Especially if it encourages people to tell their
employer to f**k off! It thwarts the goal-orientedness that the system

-We OPENLY engage in any activity considered to be illegal that is
not a sin by our definition. Even at the risk of being vulgar.
This includes 'dumpster diving' which is presently our main source of
food. (Not that we advocate floating off the soft bloated underbelly
of amerika. We want to see the bitch burn as much as the rest of you.)
And also public displays of sex fetishes. (Especially the use of physical
force between WILLING partners.)

-Our weekly festival begins when we wake on Weds. evening. It is
celebrated with a midnight meal. It usually last several hours. We
take our time. We do not engage in goal-oriented style eating,
socializing, or lovemaking. We engage in such acts only to experience
such acts. On Sunday evening, our weekly holiday begins. It is
honored with communion with nature.


(Yes I use the politically incorrect term 'lifestyle', but who is
pretentious enough to claim that they don't have a lifestyle? Or to
claim that their lifestyle is uninfluenced by society? So why not
experiment with and use our lifestyle?)

We value the experiencing of life more than the accomplishing of
goals. This philosophy arises in our culture in such things as our
happenings, tours, and mystical quests.

Happening: An activity that is engaged in by a group of people mainly
for the experience of it.

Happenings are similar to listening to music or looking at art.
They are highly cultural and they are activities engaged in with no goal
or purpose. They are hard to describe. Happenings can take any form
imaginable: Be-ins, Smoke-ins, Love-ins, demonstrations, parades,
pilgrimages, invocations, exorcisms, ... . Making a happening is an
art limited only by the imagination. Here are some examples:


Weds-Thu Oct 12th - 1am

to honor the great Jimi Hendrix.

We will assemble at Clinton's Cave at 2408 National.

A Tributary platform has been constructed to be heaped
with tributes to the legend. After the warm-up party,
we will proceed in triumphal procession style with drums,
flags, and standards, through the plaza and to the
Lynnwood cemetary where we will dine and listen to the
music of the great one ... Chanting for his return at dawn.


Mon-Tues Oct 31st - Midnight

for readings from Alestair Crowley's


We will assemble at the Big House at 2543 Emerson.

Bring your old uniforms or come naked
as initiations will be in blood! (fake, of course.)
Bring something symbolic of the system for the secret rite ...

These are excellent examples of happenings. A good happening should
involve three gimmicks not yet tried. One of the gimmicks should be kept
a surprise. The Hendrix happening had someone actually dressed as Jimi
show up and give his blessing to the Armi. The Crowley happening had
a big bonfire where everyone tossed in a symbol of the system as they
loudly proclaimed the meaninglessness of that object. If possible, it
is best to have the secret gimmick last. Another thing that we've
noticed is that sometimes waiting for a happening, or haging out after a
happening can be more happening that the actual happening itself! This
can easily be incorporated. Whatever you do, don't be boring. Let your
imagination run wild!

Show up at the happenings with your uniform. If you have a drum
then bring it. If you don't then get one. If you have any fun trip
toys bring those too. If there are too few happenings then organize
more! If they are too small then recruit more soldiers or get others
too help you promote them.

Tours: Nomadic factions of Froggi's Armi that travel the country to
participate in and/or throw happenings. The route they take is
planned so that they are part of all major happenings.

Mystical quests: An expedition that is difficult to undertake, the "goal"
of which is an experience or object with great symbolic
or cultural meaning.

Our culture also values "hanging out" a great deal. Why do so many
people see it as a waste of time? Those same people watch 7 hours of TV a
day. "Hanging out" is the lifeblood of our movement. We do not look at
it as another waste of time. We see a life of engageing in the goals
required by the system as wasting the time that is given one to experience
life. We would rather spend time with each other than in the system's
factory farm cages, fighting for superiority in pecking order, in an ever
increasing pile of our own sh*t.


(Oh, god. Here we go...)

Even though we are anarchists, we have unspoken rules of etiquette.
We are in this organizaiton because we are anarchist. We enjoy a certain
standard of anarchist behavior. We dislike authority in any form and we
especially do not like it from our 'comrades'. Commands should be in the
form of a request. Requests can always be denied. Questions are only
tolerable if one is not asking for an explanation, defence, or
justification for the other's behavior. We do not reward or punish each
other, we reason with each other like human beings. We do not measure
each other's qualities or abilities. And we do not compete with each
other except for in games.

Do you really want to piss one of us off? Act like a cop: be macho.
I can sum up our views on machoness with the following:

Men who are macho conform to a role handed to them by society. They
come from cultures where men are moralized by other men for not being
macho enough. Being macho is a defense against dissaproval and against
others imposing their will. They are macho because they are afraid. The
only way to be safe is to act aggressive. As young boys they are called
names like "faggot" and "pussy" when they are not macho enough. As
adults, they do not trust other men. They see them as competitors in a
power struggle. They compare themselves with other men. They must
act superior in pecking order. (How chicken!) It's the macho role to
act as if you are willing and able to impose your will upon anyone.
These people will be the main group of people working against us,
intentionally and unintentionally, on all fronts. They are the most
territorial. To them, power (as the ability to sin) is glamourous.
They brag about, and are proud of, having imposed their will or their
ability to. They compete for superiority which makes them goal-oriented.
They are stereotypically nationalistic, anti-Nature, pro-jobs,
conservative, conformist, and pro-police/military. They will be the ones
at our gatherings picking fights, and throwing rocks at us.

After making your uniform, your next step is making contact. Our
'official' salute is a peace sign with the ring finger also extended to
form a trident. This may SEEM like a side issue, but it is another
crucial factor of our 'mass' appeal. As are the following sloagans:

Speed the fnords for the TKO.
The System is a Whore.
Countercultures UNITE!
Under the shadows.
(More to be printed later.)

We aren't all -totally- set on our goal. Some of us would just like
to see society head a little in that direction, not necessarily all of
the way, and that portion of us are in the movement for the strength of
solidarity. However extreme one is, our path towards our goal is a
little bit sceenic; if you know what I mean. Some of us are in it only
for the fun. Taking Froggi's Armi seriously is NOT a requirement for

Keep in touch! We'll be the lunatics walking around under the
shadows wearing silly gaudy uniforms.


(c) 1993 David Robert Morgan and Froggi's Armi
Unlimited permission granted for repoduction in full
and free distribution of fully reproduced copies.

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