unity is here

17 Jun 1993 13:19:01


Lets not look at what has been to determine what shall be. Lets look at what is and see what we can see.
Many people feel strongly about what they are doing.
That's the most important news.

Imagine when reporters visit the various sites we assemble.
They see unity.

Unity because we tell them we are one in our dedication to preserving the rights to gather together where ever and when ever, even if that has to be a whole region or the whole nation.

Imagine how much more effective it will be in getting the news to the people, the media, the general population when we have several platforms.

Share only that spirit has guided each of us to where we are. Not that there is descent and conflict among the family members. I know all the players well enough to know that we are one in our hearts, and I've been around long enough that we warriors wil
l take the stand that suits us. I trust well enough that all the pieces are part of the puzzle. There was some problems as usual with our scout system, some breakdown in communication, but there never was any ill will nor divisiveness or malice. (Of cou
rse the possibility exists that someone's trying to throw a wrench into our gears. I've also been around long enough to know that when we get thrown a curve we hit a home run.)

And we can take all this apparent disunity on the political issues behind us if we can find a place to assemble on the fourth together.

Council should begin immediately to discern where that can be.

Word from KY: Lots of people here. a 400 gal. a 2000 gal a 300 and 500 gal tanks on the way and filling. Plenty of work, plenty of water, massive and perfect main meadow. Things are progressing. and everyone there is setting up.

Michael John

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