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Dear Legal Beagles :-) !

This is Peter, speaking for myself, and as the volunteer editor and honorary
publisher of Pot o'Gold, which is NOT a "Rainbow Family Consensed" publication,
but has been supported with spirit and with dollars by consensii of numerous
family circles on the land and elsewhere, due to (I hope) the perceived value
of the communications that it provides.

My feeling is that the Legaliaison Council perhaps should spin off into an
independent body of Inalienable Rights Activists who will continue to council
and invite participation through the Rainbow Family Gatherings. There are many
therein who have already shown their deep commitment to the principles of
Freedom of Peacable Assembly, which is the "one political position of the
Rainbow Family."

If there are those in the Rainbow Family who would question the motives or
actions of these Activists, they are welcome to do so, but I think they are not
fully aware, perhaps, of the perils of the journey that we collectively are

There are those who feel that engaging the government on any level is to
profane the Spirit that has led us thus far through the wilderness. I feel that
the government is a manifestation of the forces at work in the human psyche.
The dark forces of denial exist within every one of us. So it is no surprise
that they exist in the collective as well.

Our mission, having decided that we shall accept it, is to bring the Light of
Reason and Love to the dark corners of the Social Psyche. In the Courts, in the
Press and as necessary, in the streets, as is the duty of the People, when
their Inalienable Rights are being threatened.

"The Right of the People to Peacably Assemble shall not be Abridged."

This is not a grant of a Right, but a statement of Guarantee. An Inalienable
Right, by definition, is one not subject to the whims of human authority, but
is implied, expressed, and explicitly made manifest by the nature and desire of
a Free and Whole Intelligence, or Mind.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are the Inalienable Rights which
supercede even those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. We should seek to deny
and hold moot and invalid any action of the government against those rights
under color of regulation.

The government presumes to regulate, for its own convenience, the actions of
Free, Intelligent and Peaceful Citizens, branding them, conveniently, as
miscreants for violating a regulation created >ex post facto< to deal with
expressive behavior and assembly which is deemed inconvenient to the

Every word written and spoken against these regulations will become part of the
public record. When History has her say, we shall be standing alongside the
great souls for the Light of Freedom, all of whom were ridiculed and condemned
for their commitment.

Our greatest strength is our lack of leaders. No charismatics for us thanks!
But role models we must have. Legaliaison have been faithful servants in the
struggle for the Soul of America.

My heart and my intelligence stand by you.

Non semper ea sunt quae videntur--
Frater Dei

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