Re: newgroup alt.gathering.rainbow (fwd

21 Jun 1993 05:18:41

Hi. I saw this newsgroup was newly created and thought I
would check it out. Now I have a question...

Many years ago, 13 or 14 to be exactish, I was a waitress at
a health food restaurant in Tempe, Arizona. Once a year, we
got ready for the "Rainbow People" because they would stop in
and our business would jump incredibly. Very busy week. I
had the impression then that they were a group of people who
gathered once a year in one of the parks for a huge camp-out and
concert. Are you the same group?

If so, hi again. I remember the Rainbow crowd fondly - they
were always friendly and original, and a nice break from the
routine of tourists and college students/staff.

Ex-Earthen Joy waitress Lorinda

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