Re: Kentucky Bust Info
24 Jun 1993 13:36:33

In article <> Sandy F Ezrine <> writes:
>Subject: Kentuky Busts Info
>[Note: This is posted for a sister without the ability to post.
>Please respond to her directly, or post to the group. Wild Bill]
> #1 There seems to have been some sort of raid at the KY gathering and
> about 10 people were arrested. This is coming from my son who is in
> Indiana with the Dead and was told by people who arrived from the KY
> site. Rumor has it that KY is no more. Take it for what it is
> worth.
> #2 Spoke to Red Moon Song and things are picking up very slowly in Al
> due to the confusion about the sites, but there is lots of water and
> the site is 2.5-3 miles from the parking.
> #3 Seems that alot of Deadhead/Rainbows are heading to AL after
> tonights show and are not going to RFK. (For this reporter that is
> one of the main precursors to the gathering, but to each his/her
> own).
> #4 Still needing someone to post directions from Atlanta to the AL
> site.
> Peace and light
> Sandy

It seems to me, that there is some intentional effort afoot to sabotage the
Kentucky site. When people spread rumors about the Kentucky site being cancelled
and also spread unsubstantiated rumors about arrests, and try to steer people to
the other (Alabama) site, something is fishy.

I understand that the consensus on Kentucky was blocked by one individual.

It all seems too fishy to me.

Anyone at the Kentucky site feel like telling us if the arrests actually did take

On dead tour, spreading a rumor of arrests is a good way to steer people away.
Looks to me as that's what is happening.

How about sending someone to dead tour with the REAL info?

I haven't heard about anyone trying to say the Alabama site is cancelled, or
there have been busts there etc. The only negative rumors being spread are
about the Kentucky site. Those posting here from the mci account listed as
Rainbow Family of Living Light (or Loving Light) have been telling people to
check out both sites. The howdy folks brochure lists both sites.

But the ones handed out on Grateful Dead tour have the Kentucky site crossed out.

Seems mightly suspicious to me. Think about it!
It appears that someone, or more probably some group is trying to sabotage the
gathering and possibly the family as well.

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